No RSVP needed for any Faith Formation activities. You are always welcome to join us!
PHILOSOPHERS’ BOOK CLUB | Sundays at 11:00am | Fireside Room | Off in the Summer from May 21 thru August
One definition of theology is “faith seeking understanding”. There is a movement toward the “life of the mind” in Christian churches across the country where we explore our world and our theology, trying to integrate new knowledge into our faith life and our understanding.

In past years we have read authors like Marcus Borg, C.S. Lewis, Phillip Yancey, N.T. Wright, Elias Chacour, John Walton, Pope Francis, Michelle Alexander…the list goes on. We cover a broad spectrum of Christian and secular thought.

We meet most Sundays at 11:00 after church (and donuts) in the Fireside Room where we have very casual conversations. We read about 50 – 75 pages per week and cover a book in four or five sessions. And, about the name of the group; “philosophy” comes from the Greek, meaning “love of wisdom”, which sort of describes our motivation. Please join us for some great conversations.

Questions or information on our Philosophers Book List 2017, contact Harald Eriksen at

FIRST SUNDAYS ADULT EDUCATION  | 1st Sundays (as scheduled) | 11am-12 noon | Parlor

June 4:  Music, liturgy and song – Past to the Present | Speaker: Dick Balkus, Elim Music Director
First part is the history of our music with Dick Balkus, Elim’s long-time music director, and the second part is the who, what and why’s of the worship music at Elim.

 Coffee and hot water for tea will be provided. Childcare will be provided by request. Please contact the church office at 763-537-8481 or email Ann Tranvik at by the Friday prior to the class.

BIRDTOWN THEOLOGY PUB | 4th Thursdays at 7:00pm | The Lodge in Robbinsdale
An “Elim facilitated, not Elim owned” discussion group that takes place in a secular setting to help folks feel more at ease. If you want to talk about God or just listen, if you feel like you’re not “good enough” for church or that church isn’t right for you, if you think life’s messy, if you have a lot of questions, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, if you just want some conversation … Birdtown Theology Pub hopes you will be a part of their group. Birdtown Theology Pub meets at 7pm every 4th Thursday at The Lodge in Robbinsdale. Check out our feature on the local cable channel here.  For more info: Contact Harald Eriksen at
ELIM BIBLE STUDIES Thursdays, both at 9:30am | Off in the summer June thru August
One group, located in our Conference Room, studies the Old Testament and is led by Lisa Hanson, an Old Testament scholar.  And another group, located in the Reception Room, led by Pastor Mark, discusses each week’s Scripture readings.
Small-group Bible studies where the women of Elim gather to share word and ministry. The circles are part of the community of women in the ELCA. They meet once a month, September – May.
How to join: All women are welcome to visit one or more circles at any time. Just call the Chair of the Circle you are interested in attending. There is a directory of all Circle Chairs in the church foyer. Or feel free to call the church office at 763-537-8481.