What should I do if a family member is in the hospital and would like a pastor to visit?
Most hospitals no longer call churches to let them know when a member is hospitalized. We encourage you to call the church to let us know when a family member is hospitalized so the pastor can visit. In case of an emergency after hours, call the church and the message will give instructions for contacting a pastor.
What should I do if I want to get married in the church?
Call the church administrator to schedule your wedding . They will let you know if your wedding and rehearsal dates are available and what the costs will be. An information booklet and wedding application form will be mailed to you. 
What should I do if I want to have a child baptized or if an adult wants to be baptized?
The first step is to contact the Pastor to talk about the baptism; this is an informal conversation. You may call the church office to check availability at 763-537-8481 or email After that, you will choose a Sunday to schedule the sacrament with the Pastor. Baptisms take place on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. 
What should I do if a family member dies and I need to plan a funeral in the church?
As soon as possible, you should call the church office. In an emergency, the church answering machine will give you an option to connect to a direct line to immediately reach a pastor. He or she can help you walk through a complicated process that can be stressful during a time of grief. The one thing you should never do is schedule a time and a place for a funeral and then ask the pastor to officiate. He/she may not be available at that time. The pastor and the church office will help you arrange for music and a luncheon following the service.