Council Nominee Form

Here we ask church council nominees to:
A). write a brief description (no more than five sentences) of their experience at Elim and
B). write a brief description (no more than ten sentences) of their professional and/or personal experience that would likely influence their leadership on the Elim Church Council.
People will be elected to serve on our church council during our annual meeting on Sunday, January 27.  Please consider becoming a nominee yourself regardless of how you have participated or how long you’ve been involved at Elim.  We are looking for leaders with a variety of experiences.
The church council is the governing board of our congregation.  It guides the overall direction of our ministries and approves congregational policies & budget.  The church council typically meets for two hours on the third Tuesday evening of every month.  Council members are encouraged to participate in a variety of Elim activities but are not expected to attend any specific events outside of the monthly meeting.
This is not a popularity contest or public election.  A nominating committee has been elected to privately and prayerfully discern which candidates might provide the ideal leadership at this time and given their unique background or experience.  You might be the ideal new council member this year!
Please complete the Council Nominee Application BELOW before Sunday, Jan. 20 or contact the church office to submit a pen & paper application.
All nominees will be contacted about the results of the election prior to our annual meeting on Sunday, January 27.
Please contact Pastor Dan Doerrer or Council president Scott Brands for further clarification.