The Elim Foundation

The Elim Foundation was established in 1968 by forward thinking individuals (Pastor Glen Floe, Bob Nord and the late Bernie Reisberg) to support their Christian missions in the community.  These wise individuals realized that funds from memorials and honorariums should be pooled and set aside as an endowment fund.  Articles of incorporation were drawn up ensuring that only the earnings on these funds could be spent.  The Foundation’s activities are managed in accordance with the by-laws by a Board of Directors.  The Foundation Board makes grants based on investment earning, while protecting and often times growing the principle value of the gifts given.  The average of the past 5- end-of year Foundation fund values is multiplied by 4% to determine the amount of funds available for the Foundation to grant in each coming year.

The Elim Foundation is a separate 501(c) (3) organization and not subject to the day to day budget circumstances of the church.  It was intentionally set up this way so that the long term nature of its assets is not disturbed.  No assets from the fund are used for Elim’s Operation expenses.

The Purpose of the Elim Foundation:

  • To receive gifts from those who wish to remember loved ones in a lasting way as an on-going memorial.
  • To establish giving beyond our lifetime as responsible stewards showing our love for Jesus Christ and our brothers and sisters in the family of God
  • In thankfulness for how we have been blessed, to share our blessings with to others so that the work of God may go on beyond our lifetimes.

The Elim Foundation is designed to fund; creative new ministries, permanent equipment and furnishing, youth scholarships, staff continuing education, and similar church and community needs.

Donations to the Foundation may be used:

  • To support new and creative ministries within or though the congregation which otherwise could not be undertaken.
  • To provide scholarships for church camping, church vocation students, church staff continuing education, minority groups, etc.
  • As overage giving toward the congregation’s benevolent commitments.
  • To obtain furnishings or landscaping for the church facility.


The Elim Foundation thinks of others all year round and was created with a charter that enables helping others in need.  Some examples are:

  • Pastoral Education
  • Classes on money management for congregants
  • Luther Park donation
  • Support for Emergency Housing for Families Moving Forward as an emergency shelter

It is the congregation that established the Foundation, helped build a healthy investment portfolio and continues to fund the Foundation through individual donations.  The Foundation exists to serve Elim and our Community.


How to make a Gift to the Elim Foundation

Gifts can be made any time during the year.  Gifts can be made to honor loved ones at the time of birth, baptism, confirmation or to memorialize the loss of a friend or family member at the time of their death or birthday.

All Saints Sunday we remember those special people in our lives that we have lost.

Makes gifts to The Elim Foundation as part of your regular giving.
At the time of a loved one’s dead, consider directing memorial gifts to The Elim Foundation.
Consider naming The Elim Foundation on a bank account, investment account, and/or retirement account.

Directing Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from an IRA to the Elim Foundation.

Naming The Elim Foundation in your in your will.


Envelopes for Gifts to the Foundation are in the Church pews every Sunday. 

Elim Foundation Board of Trustees Shirley Kramer, Chair Ron K. Jones, Vice Chair Dori Schlins, Treasurer Eric Haug, Secretary Rick Arntson Brian Stiernagle Scott Brands, Elim President, ex officio

Pastor Dan Doerrer, ex officio